IQ Option has reached a great height, becoming one of the most famous and most famous brokers in the market, this is due to the fact that it has expanded its offer of products and now it is possible to market FOREX, not only binary options.

It is well known the importance of forex, the currency market and the market that has the most daily transactions. The foreign exchange market is huge and therefore has billions of dollars a day that are handled among billions of people connected. Their margins and commissions are generally very low at the time the currencies are exchanged.

Forex Trading with IQ options

IQ Option considers itself and all its users as a multi-active platform that can be easily accessed through web applications, desktop applications and, of course, mobile applications.

In this platform there are several currency pairs that are ready and available to be executed and traded.

IQ option offers the trader more than 120 currency pairs so that they can be traded and traded freely. On the other hand, we also have that this platform offers the client a great flattering leverage, in comparison with other brokers.

First of all, you as a trader must understand that leverage is what makes traders participate in the forex market. Then, with IQ Option, the trader has the opportunity to make various   transactions.

We have that for the professional operators that are in the EU, the leverage is up to 1: 1000. But for the EU retailers: the leverage is 1:30.

Forex trading characteristics with IQ options

  • If you work with IQ option to trade with FOREX, you won’t have to buy lots and therefore do not have to perform any kind of calculations that are very complicated. In IQ option, value is traded. Here you choose the value that the merchant wants.
  • In IQ option it is also quite easy to take profits and proceed to stop the loss, since the values ​​that the trader wants to close will be in profits or losses. This is because you can choose 3 different ways. We present you as an example, how much you want to earn and of course also how much you are willing to lose as a percentage. On the other hand you can also choose the amount of benefit you are looking for and of course, where you want to close the transaction.

How to trade Forex

Now we are going to show you a series of steps with which you can trade correctly and also avoid losses and mistakes.

  1. You must take responsibility for choosing the currency pair with which you are willing to negotiate. To do this, just click on the plus (+) button at the top of the platform and then click on “Forex” to proceed to choose the currency you want to negotiate with.
  2. After that, proceed to choose the amount with which you are willing to start trading.
  3. Define the amount of leverage
  4. Pre-establish your order of loss and based on it obtain profits with the function of “Automatic closing”
  5. You can also execute pending orders by entering the price you would like to enter the market.


IQ option has become a great option if you plan to invest in the FOREX market. Its good reputation is due to its effectiveness in binary options trading, and this gives a free ase to the currency trade.