FOREX is characterized by the immense amount of platforms that exist in its existence that serve to trade. And all these platforms have different characteristics, or some are more famous than others.

In this case, we bring a brief review of one of the most recognized platforms in terms of the cryptocurrency and currency trade, Etoro.

Etoro is a platform that is specially designed for people who trade with basic products, with currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Its main objective is to give each of the clients’ new opportunities for investors.


In Etoro there are no charges for trading commissions, however, the revenues come from the high margins and sometimes from the overnight rates.

Etoro requires the user a minimum deposit the first time they use it, and it ranges between $ 50 and $ 1000, if you have a real account. You need to understand that this will depend on the country in which you reside.

Mobile apps

Etoro also has its own mobile application platform; Through this platform, you can trade and also observe your steps while you are operating and trading. You can download it in Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Being one of the most famous platforms in the commercial world, it is obviously registered in Cyprus under the 109/10 license. They are also associated with Incapsula to have security on the website and protect against different attacks, such as DDoS attacks.

Etoro is a really reliable site and that is one of its most outstanding features, it has never been considered a scam and it is also proof that the money of its clients is always well safe with them.


The Etoro platform developed a new portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Which allows customers the opportunity to buy different digital assets using the same wallet, in addition, will have them registered in the chain of blocks making use of a different technology.

Crypto leverage

Etoro’s leverage is a strategy that consists of using borrowed money in the Etoro platform, this is an investment mode.

It involves using a few financial instruments and also borrowed capital only to be able to increase the potential yield of any type of investment that is going to be made. The crypto leverage is high in Etoro.

Crypto CFD

Crypto CFDs also called contracts for difference; they are agreements that were made to be used in future contracts in which the differences with regard to the settlement are made through cash payments.

So, in the Etoro platform, there is nothing more than a simple agreement between two parties that is used to exchange both the differences between the initial price and the closing price of a given Etoro contract. These can be found on the platform and you can learn more about it.

Crypto withdrawal

On the Etoro platform, you can withdraw funds from your account.

This is something applied in all aspects of the market, but especially with cryptocurrencies. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50 and you need to complete the electronic withdrawal forms.


This is a platform highly recommended for all types of traders, both beginners and advanced; it also offers good fees and is quite reliable, it is definitely not a fraud. That is why it is one of the most recognized in the market.