Are you looking up for some interesting and beneficial opportunities to invest in buying stocks but are confused about the best stock to buy in 2018? Here is the solution of your problem. Below are some of the most beneficial and profitable companies from where buying the stocks would be the best decision.

  • Starbucks Corporation

For buying the stocks, Starbucks Corporation is the top recommended company of the year as it is in a highly profitable condition and is considered as the ideal stock of Warren Buffet. The manager of the Starbucks Corporation claims their market capital and worth of about $900 million and paying 2.5 percent dividend currently. If you are planning to buy the stocks that would give you profit in long-run, then must buy the stocks of Starbucks corporation. The sales of Starbucks are very high, and the company has recently bought about 100 million shares of stock at the cost of around $5 billion. A large number of people are investing in buying its stocks due to higher returns and profits in long-run. You can easily buy the stocks of Starbucks at the price of $58.59 currently.

  • Amazon

As all of us know that the Amazon is a very fast growing organization and it has been very profitable and successful throughout the year, so it is the best time to invest in the stocks of Amazon. At this time, the market capital of Amazon is about $942.7 billion. Due to its high rate of return of profits, Amazon is being considered as a leader in e-commerce on a global level. In the industry growth, Amazon has interestingly captures a larger share. There is a high potential for beneficial returns if you are investing currently in the Amazon stocks.

  • Kroger Corporation

Among all other successful companies, Kroger Corporation is another big name whose shares and stocks are being sold on a larger scale due to profitable returns. Its dividends are also sustainable at the rate of 2 percent which is good.  The sales of the company are going higher and higher, and it is expected that they will go higher than 80% in the next year. If you want to buy the stocks of Kroger Corporation, they are available at the price of $30.09 at the current time which is not much expensive but definitely a good investment.

  • Apple

As being the world’s most successful and valuable company, it is offering the great opportunities to buy its stocks and shares and open the doors of success for you. Currently, they are available at the rate of $213.30, but it is not much higher price to buy when we look into its worth and benefits in long-run. They are paying approximately 1.4 percent dividends to its stockholders. Apple is an ever-growing company, and the chances of its downfall are very less. Its sales are ever-green, and if you consider the benefits in long-run, it is the best decision to buy the stocks from Apple.

Besides these companies, there are some other companies from where you can buy stocks such as Facebook, Boeing, Public Service Enterprise Group (PEG) and others. No matter which company you choose to invest and buy the stocks or shares from must ensure that you evaluate the rate or chances of profit in the long run so that you may not end up regretting about why you invested in this or that company. In addition, it is also important to look at the history of a company to see whether the company is stable and beneficial to invest or whether there is a high risk of loss.